Silver Neodymium Square Magnet - whnsp
Silver Neodymium Square Magnet - whnsp
Silver Neodymium Square Magnet - whnsp
Silver Neodymium Square Magnet - whnsp
Silver Neodymium Square Magnet - whnsp
Silver Neodymium Square Magnet - whnsp

Silver Neodymium Square Magnet

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Cubes for your cubicle

Nanodot Cubes are the ideal fidget gadget for the office or anywhere else you need to occupy your hands and your mind.

Just like classic Nanodots, these super-strong rare earth magnets are made from electroplated neodymium. Each tiny cube will permanently attract and stick to any other in the set (or anything else you have magnetic) to create geometric formations that are a treat for the hands and eyes.

Sophisticated sculpture meets fun fidget.

Cube construction

Because of their squared edges, Nanodot Cubes perfectly align with one another. And since they're magnetic, they automatically snap into place in the right orientation. These properties make them the ideal set of constructors to create dynamic strings, geometric shapes, or miniaturized cityscapes—the sky's the limit!
Build with cubic magnets!Build with cubic magnets!
Become the fidget foreman.

About the Product ▼

  • Safety Materials: We use safe permanent magnetic materials to ensure the use of our products, 100% safe production, can be used with confidence, but it is recommended for children over 12 years of age or adults
  • Intelligent Toys: 216 Pcs magnetic cubes (each cube is 5mm), you can use your imagination and creativity to create hundreds of works. Can exercise your left and right brain and develop children's intelligence; At the same time, it can enhance your hands and space imagination.
  • Decompression Toys: Magnetic Cubes make your hands more fun and help children stay away from electronic products to protect their eyes. It can also relieve your stress during fatigue. Also suitable for office use, for creative and craft decorations on the desktop.
  • Best Gift: This will give teens and teenagers the best gifts. In addition, it can also help adults relieve stress and is a good choice as a gift. And, you can make more work at home or on your desk to create beautiful decorations.
  • Buy Guarantee: If you buy our products, don't worry, if you are not satisfied, please feel free to contact us, we will answer and handle for you 24 hours. Return goods or refund money without giving a reason during the Two months

  • Quantity: 216pcs 
Product Feature:
  • Package Size: 8*8*8 cm 
  • Package Weight : 250g 
  • Kinds : 1 Kinds Option 
  • Material : Magnet 
  • 5mm*5mm/Piece

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